The 21st century has witnessed a lot of changes in the way the Indian society has evolved. No one ever thought that live-in relationships, having or adopting children without marriage would be acceptable. In the same fashion, a trend that is rampant these days is the DINK’s i.e. Double Income No Kids lifestyle. Their next step generally is becoming DINKWADs i.e. Double Income No Kids with a Dog. It is a known fact that a dog loves you more than it loves itself and hence justifies the birth of DINKWADs.

DINKWAD gives the couple an opportunity to love and be loved but also is a challenge at the same time. Do you also belong to that same breed? What do your four-legged pals do when both of you are away at the office? It’s an everyday heartbreaking situation to leave the tot alone. But worry not; too many things can be done to keep the pet busy.

Few things you can do to stop fretting:

Keeping them entertained
Set the television to Animal Planet or NatGeo. The various animal sounds coming from the television keep the pets curious and engaged. It is always better than a quiet house.

Trick & Treat
Keeping interactive toys for your pet to play is another good idea from preventing them from getting bored or destructive. Variety of toys are available where you can hide their favorite kibble in. It is like a day long fun activity that involves hunting for food from within the toys. Also hiding food in certain corners of the house is a good idea to keep the dog engaged.

Technology at your rescue
Technology has spread its wings in every possible aspect of our daily lives and it has reached heights that we can only imagine. To know how to use it for our benefit is a definite plus. One search on Google and you’ll be amazed to know the variety of products available on the web to keep our dogs safe and happy.

● Monitor and Interact  
A wide variety of pet monitoring cameras are available where not only you can see your pet but also chat with them. Some also come armed with a treat dispenser. In this way, they will feel less lonely and you will feel less anxious.

●  A friend to play with
No, we don’t mean you keep a pet sitter, but MIA is here. MIA is an interactive toy robot that your pet can follow around the house and can also dispense treats. It is a good way to keep the pet’s anxiety away.

We always go that extra mile for those who matter. Dogs no longer are just ‘pets’ they are family and ensuring their comfort and safety has always been our topmost agenda. Thank heavens that we live in an era where it is possible for us to work for a better life and enjoy the love of a four-legged pal also.

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