More and more employees are preferring to work from home as opposed to being seated in a cubicle. Digitisation, unquestionably, has brought more life to the “Work From Home” trend and it is gaining some serious momentum in the Indian corporate work culture. A study by Randstad confirms this as it states that 53% of Indians prefer telecommuting than travelling to an office every single day.






While working from home and the flexibility it comes with is certainly a privilege, it doesn’t mean it’s an all-day pyjama party. The more one tries to organize his/her home workspace, the more distractions one is likely to stumble upon. And how can this predicament be addressed?

Enter, Smart, Tech-enabled Solutions; Having a handful of gadgets by your side will help you stay on top of your work game, when at home.


Google Home/Amazon Echo: 

Armed with Google Home and/or Amazon Echo, you can voice control a stream of tasks – like scheduling meetings in your calendar, getting data on some specific topic – like the current state of the financial markets or even get an update on the weather.









Zei Smart Timekeeper

When you find yourself with a stream of tasks to attend to, the Zei Smart Timekeeper you can accurately track the time you spend on each task.






Livescribe Echo Smartpen

With deadlines looming near and large, you don’t need to type long emails or articles out. The Livescribe Echo Smartpen, with an in-built microphone and camera, will record everything you write and hear, together or separately. You can then replay and transfer/save these files in your laptop effortlessly.

Nespresso Coffee Machine

Lastly, your one-stop saviour as you diligently get to work at home, is definitely going to be the Nespresso Coffee Machine. We know that when the caffeine kicks in ideas pop up – that’s just how things flow! A smart coffee maker like this one will brew a cup exactly as per your taste (it memorises your preferences) as the alarm goes on.







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