Here we are! In the midst of March 2018, already. The ever pulsating urban life has undergone a sea change. However, some things remain-our reliance on helpers. There were “sevaks” for our ancestors and for us today, it is our dearest maid.

dish washing









But what happens when you come back home to a sink full of unwashed vessels, realizing that your dear helper has bailed on you yet again? The question arises – Who is going to give this huge pile of dishes, the much-needed scrub? No matter who you are or what you do, you’re not going to be eating out of mud pots!




The answer could lie in embracing the fast-evolving technology – A Dishwasher! A real life-saver. Didn’t you hear being independent is the latest thing in town!

As Indians, we have been apprehensive about whether a Dishwasher could rid their pots and pans of the stubborn stains left behind by the mighty Indian cooking ingredients, as flawlessly as their manual scouring would do. Of late, Indians seem to have been giving the dishwashers a place on their modern kitchen platforms more willingly! Because cleaning a dump of dirty utensils is the last thing you want to do after a long day of toil!






Any thoughts on investing in this worthy appliance? We are here to help.

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