They say that clothes maketh the man. And if exactly that very piece of cloth is stained, it will break the man. So yes we are here to talk about the daily headache of #mustdo and #mustdoitright task of washing clothes. First, let’s begin by thanking heavens for this divine creation, the washing machine. 

coloured clothes





But like how everything earthy is flawed, so is this divine one. For example, try putting all your clothes at once in the machine and you ought to get a free tie and dye. And no, the reality is not as funny as it is sounding right now. The pain of seeing your crisp white/ cream/ beige shirt turn into a riot of colors or something that looks like you just played Holi in, is something else. 

stains on clothes





The problem is here: both the mister and missus are working – hence short on time, or maybe those of you trying to live alone and are self-reliant, therefore sometimes dump the whites and colors together causing the tie and dye or a careless, ignorant maid who just does not bother to separate the lights from the dark. 

Like everything earthy undergoes evolution, so has the washing machine undergone one. The new one promises to ease not all but at least a few problems, allowing you to #doitright. This one comes armed with two drums, ideally one for your lights and other for the dark ones.  With different capacity and wash cycles, the work gets done in a jiffy and simultaneously. It can be controlled anywhere anytime from your smartphone. Don’t you think this calls for a mini celebration?  







While this new Smart washing machine is a dream come true, we do hope this becomes more affordable in the near future.

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