The end is near!

Don’t freak out; we’re just talking about the year. And with a blink of the eye, another year flows by. So, have you RSVP’d yourself for the 2019 new year party yet? If not, here are some handy gadgets which can spruce up your new year’s eve at home!

1) Nanoleaf Rhythm:
Spice up your light game with Nanoleaf’s light panels. These light panels can transform your ordinary room into one crazy party place! The rippling light effects can dynamically react to the music playing in the background – creating an aura inside the room. These wirelessly syncing lights are just what your party needs.

2) Pocket DJ:
Be your own DJ with the JUST MIXER – Portable Audio Mixer. Drop those fire tracks with ease with this pint-sized mixer. This USB-powered device can be run easily by being juiced by a power bank – that means no need to hunt for a power outlet. Well, what are you waiting for? Drop the bass!

3) Karaoke Mic with speaker:
What’s a party without some music!? Bring in the Zoook Rocker Thunder and unleash the singer within you. This Bluetooth karaoke system will add a new lease of life to your new year’s party. Sing your heart out for long as the speaker has a playback time of 4 hours! If you’re not much of a singer, there are slots for USB, AUX, Memory card and more – so the music never stops!

4) Smart bottle opener:
So, your bottle opener can just open bottles? Get yourself the Kitchy – a bottle opener which can also act as a USB cable, charging cord and a keychain nonetheless! So, when you’re not opening up the beverages, you can charge your devices. That’d be one cool charging cable cum bottle opener.

5) Breathalyser:
Had a little too many drinks? Get yourself checked with this nifty little breathalyser. No one will blame you, it’s the new year and there will be drinks flowing. Carry this breathalyser to check whether you’re under the limit – if not, hail yourself a cab!

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