Sometimes, the convenience, and comfort can come at the expense of your privacy. The smart devices connected to the internet can be hacked just like other devices connected to the internet. Here are some of the ways to stop your smart home appliances from spying on you.

Hackers can breach your Wi-Fi network

Hackers can breach your Wi-Fi network

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Delete data regularly

There are many smart devices that save data and even record your conversations to make it easier. Voice controlled devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home etc can keep track of your commands. It is advised to delete the data from time to time so that it is not stolen and used against you.

Turn-off the Wi-Fi when you leave

Well, keeping the Wi-Fi ‘On” throughout the day and night can make easier for cybercriminals to hack your device. You should turn off the router when not in use. Doing so will not only minimize the chances of spying on you but will also reduce your electricity bills.  

Update all the smart devices

Smart devices must be updated with the latest software just like computers, tablets, and smartphones. Although these devices are designed to make your life simpler, security is often a concern. New software helps to detect vulnerabilities and patch the issues. Check the apps regularly for updates and download.  

Opt for invasive features

Many smart devices have invasive features. Whether it is location tracking or collecting data, you can disable most of the features from device settings. Simply turn off the feature through the app on your smartphone, if you didn’t like a particular feature. This way, you can minimize the amount of data collected by the device.

Don’t ignore the device’s privacy statement

Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring the device’s privacy statement. It is good to revise the documents carefully to know about the security concerns (if any). Knowing these details will help you handle the data effectively. Moreover, you will know how to troubleshoot, in case of any privacy issue.  

Is your smart home secured?

Is your smart home secured?

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It is must for every smart homeowner to adopt a proactive cybersecurity strategy to top your smart home appliances from spying on you.


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