The world we live in today is plagued with many a different crime. A robbery here, a break-in there, some snatch a gold chain in broad daylight while some stay in the dark only to attack you in the night. While the justice system tries its best to get rid of the crimes, the crime rates are just rising every day – all thanks to the city getting richer and the misery growing higher.

Let the numbers sink in. There were 535 registered house break-in cases in 2017. The number stood at 526 in 2016. Similarly, thefts jumped to 1,067 in 2017 compared to 1,038 in the previous year. The increasing numbers only create more panic! Your expensive phone or your valuable jewellery is just one break-in away from being stolen unless you take the necessary steps. The security guard outside your home is only a human who is not necessarily well armed to face these goons. So you have to take the matters into your own hand and let smart security help you out

Crime #1 – Break-Ins

The most common types of robberies include picking out the lock to enter. The master key or a humble master key is enough for the thieves to unlock and invade your house, no matter the number of locks on your door. What if we tell you there exist a lock which is dynamic and alerts the user and the neighbouring houses about the break-in, before the break-in!? So, here’s something for the ones paranoid about lock-pickers. Enter, VelVeeta  – a humble little smart padlock which has motion sensors and an alarm built into it. So the next time someone tries to break in, it simply will set the alarm off, letting you and the neighbours know about the break-in wherever you are! Now that’s what you call smart security, right?



crime - velvetta locks



And if the humble little lock doesn’t tickle your security-bone, you can go ahead and invest in locks which needs a fingerprint and codes to let you enter. Ultraloq makes such biometric locks that’d leave the thief scratching his head!


crime - ultraloq



Crime #2 – Forcible Entry

Many a time, there are instances where you open the door and the stranger just barges in, overpowers you and makes away with your valuables! Sounds like a scene straight out of a movie, right? Unfortunately, such cases occur often especially in homes where women & the elderly stay. And let’s be honest, the peephole on the door to see who’s on the other side is incapable of securing us in this day and age. So the niche to secure your door with some security is filled by systems like the Smart doorbell from Tejovat. These systems enable you to view a live stream of “the stranger†at the door on your mobile phone. And even if the thieves don’t ring the bell and just snoop around, the motion detection feature will still alert you! That’s a pretty smart way to stay safe.


crime - tejovat


Crime #3 – Steal & Flee

Okay, we understand, what if you weren’t around and so weren’t your neighbours? That puts you in a fix, right? That does not mean you have to carry your valuables with you everywhere you go. Wish for a safe which was indestructible and only you could open, in order to prevent a petty crime? Enter – Goldilocks – a smart safe from Godrej that can protect your belongings by keeping them secure inside a tamper-proof safe. The material used is the same as that of a full-fledged safe ensuring that security isn’t compromised on. Smart safes are smart enough to outsmart the thief! That is smart security at its best!


crime godrej goldilocks


Crime #4 – Right Out of The Dark

You know why thieves come out only in the dark? Yep, that’s right, because they are hardly visible during the night. Sticking to their Batman theme, they’d lurk around the shadows and hit the homes. So, to keep your concerns at bay, you need surveillance cameras, the ones which can see in the dark. Cameras from SYL are a form of smart security which has infrared cameras and motion-detectors so the thieves aren’t even safe in the dark! Even if you aren’t home, you can still get a live feed of your home with these cameras. Nifty, right?



crime - SYL camera


The crime detection rates have gone up too. From 65% in 2016 to 68% in 2017, securing yourself with these smart options will only help the crime rates to fall. Technology is the security you need. The wide range of tech-smart options available does make it rather easy to get & stay secure! You can even beef up your smart security further, read here to find out. 

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