According to the FBI, the number of thefts in New York homes was at 257,940, in the year of 2016. Think about those numbers for a second. With the increasing crime rates in your neighborhood, you constantly find yourself worrying about the safety and security of your family, as well as your home. You’ve tried installing a high-end intercom system outside your front door, but it isn’t as effective as you thought it would be and well, it might not be worth its price.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this in the form of smart doorbells, that act as your very own digital doormen. They let you keep track of anyone at your front door

Here’s an overview of SkyBell, a smart doorbell brand

At approximately $200, these smart doorbells do everything— and even more— than actual doormen, and therefore are a convenient, cheaper, and effective to solution to your concerns about the safety of your home and family. Here’s are three ways how smart doorbells act as digital doormen:

  1. They let you know who’s outside your door, no matter where you are
    Smart doorbell app’s interface

    Know who’s outside your front door through your smartphone


    Smart doorbells are Wi-Fi enabled doorbells that notify you via your smartphone when there’s someone at your door. In addition to this, it also lets you view a video stream of the person at the door on your smartphone through its camera. Therefore, from wherever you are, you’ll be able to monitor exactly who visits your front door and when— a great feature allowing you to worry less if you’re away on vacation, or are out grocery shopping with your tweens alone at home.

  2. Communicate with your mail man even when you’re away
    We’ve all faced the problem of a package arriving when we’re not home, and don’t know what to do about it when it arrives. With a smart doorbell, you can communicate with whoever’s at your front door through your smartphone, and they’ll be able to talk to you through the doorbell’s microphone – solving the problem of dealing with unscheduled package deliveries- as you can now provide your mailman with clear instructions about what to do with the package when it arrives.

    Night vision view of a smart doorbell’s camera

    View and talk to whoever’s outside your front door


  3. Lurker alert
    You see your dog suspiciously sniffing your front door, when you realize there’s probably someone out lurking out there. You want to check who it is, but are worried about opening your front door. Smart doorbells make this so much easier, as they come with motion sensors that detect people lurking outside your front door for more than 10 seconds. Even if they haven’t rung the doorbell, your smart doorbell will notify you and allow you to view a video stream via your smartphone of the person hanging around your front door— saving you from having to open the door to know who it is.

    Ring’s features

    Just like Ring (above), most smart doorbells come with in-built motion sensors.


Here are some of the smart doorbells you can invest in:

  1. Ring: A popular brand in the smart doorbell market, Ring is a smart doorbell priced at $170. It comes with great night vision quality, effective motion sensors, and enabled two-way communication, making it worth your while.
  2. SkyBell: This smart doorbell comes with all the convenient features you require right from motion sensors to two-way communication. In addition to this, SkyBell (priced at $160)  lets you tune into the camera whenever you want, even if it hasn’t notified you that someone’s outside your door.
  3. August Doorbell Cam: Known for their smart lock, August now has a smart doorbell, the August Doorbell Cam. Priced at $152, this smart doorbell possesses all the features you would expect: an HD camera, recording of missed visitors, and again, motion sensors.
    Different brands of smart doorbells

    The market’s filled with a number of great smart doorbells.


The perfect pair: Smart doorbells and smart locks

With a smart lock, you can lock and unlock your front door with your smartphone, which takes care of fumbling for keys, and by auto-locking behind you, your smart lock has your back. When paired with a smart doorbell, you can enjoy absolute peace of mind knowing that your home is well-protected.

August Smart Lock on a door

The August Smart Lock


Today, there are a number of smart doorbells available in the market, and so, to help you make your decision regarding which one to buy, you can email us your requirements and we could help you out with some recommendations.

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