Conventionally, home improvement has always meant updating the kitchen, renovating the bathroom, adding or altering structures etc. But there’s another home improvement that one may not realize can add serious value to your property i.e installing a solar energy system. The most important reason why it is considered as a value addition because a solar-powered home eliminates or considerably reduces energy bills. It also increases the resale value of the property.

home improvement with solar panels

Houses with large roofs and power consumption day and night should take advantage of this free source of energy by installing solar panels.

There are two types of solar panels. On-Grid Systems only generate power when the utility power grid is available. They must connect to the grid to function. They can send excess power generated back to the grid when you are over-producing so you credit it for later use. Whereas, off-grid systems allow you to store your solar power in batteries for use when the power grid goes down or if you are not on the grid.

solar panel

Emvee specializes in developing photovoltaic modules for on-grid as well as off-grid applications. These modules are designed to withstand extreme temperature and voltage. If you want an interrupted power supply and steady voltage without using stabilizer, you should choose Emvee off-grid solar system.     

The products of Emmvee are optimized continuously to ensure top quality product.

If you would like to power up your electrical equipment in your home on solar, go ahead with Emmvee solar panels. Book a consultation with Smarthome NX for details!


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