Have you ever imagined your house having power supply when there is the power outage in your neighborhood? Thank heavens for the solar batteries that store the extra energy generated from the sun for times like this. If you are looking for a reliable storage power solution, Exide solar batteries are a good option.

exide solar battery

Exide tubular solar batteries are designed to operate with solar inverter systems that charge using both solar and grid power. These are 100% compatible with normal inverters. The Spine Tubes in the battery are made using HADI machine under high pressure to ensure long life and durability.

exide solar batteries

Due to a very low self-discharge rate, these batteries are less likely to go empty. They are rechargeable even with very low charging current. Many people doubt using Exide solar batteries with normal inverters at home. They are ideal to use with inverters at home, as the current produced from solar panels is consistent throughout the day.

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