Motorcycling has changed a lot over the years. It has got faster, much more powerful and way more fuel efficient. The joy to ride on two wheels is very different when compared to travelling by car or other any other means of transport. Bikers love to feel the wind hitting the body, the screaming exhaust sound and the adrenaline rush to watch the speedo-needle climb!

So, the faster you go, the safer you need to be. Safety comes with smart investments. If you can spend lakhs on your bike, you should also be spending a good amount on your gears – because your life is much more important! There are tonnes of safety options available. And there are more devices in the market to accessorise your ride to make your journey a pleasant experience.

Now suit up, put your helmet on, key your bike to ignition as we take you through a journey of things that’d help your rides become better memories.

1) A cool head – Helmet cooler:

Riding out in the sun is way painful as it sounds. Because your helmet turns into an oven if you’re stuck in afternoon traffic, baking your head off. Keeping your visor can provide you with some respite, but that means your face will be riddled with dust and bugs! That’s where you wish you could have a portable AC that is small enough to be carried around, right? Well, your wish becomes a reality (sort of) with this nifty device, the Bluarmor Detachable Helmet Cooler. It can attach your helmet like a Go Pro Camera and provide you with a cool blast of air inside your helmet! The BluArmour works by creating a microclimate inside your helmet. It can lower the temperature inside your helmet by a good 6 to 15 degrees. So, if you’re dehydrating yourself in traffic in a 40-degree heat, the BluArmor will keep the temperatures at around 27-30 degrees inside your helmet. That sounds cool, right? (Pun intended). Moreover, it works rechargeable batteries which can give you a backup of up to 10 hours. But the cooling can stay on for up to 2 hours when the water reservoir is full. Using the BluArmor is easy – just snap it onto your helmet and you’re ready to go!

helmet cooler

2) Eyes on the road – Anti-fog patch:

So dealing with heat is on one end and riding in the rains is another. The raindrops pitter-pattering across your helmet can sound soothing for a lot of bikers out there. But with that comes another problem – a fogged helmet visor! When you’re riding at highway speeds and if you’re unable to see the road clearly, it becomes dangerous instantly! And that’s why you should get yourself one of these anti-fog helmet patches. These patches are water-repellant and do not accumulate fog. Also, they can be applied easily – just stick on and ride off. That’s riding in the rain made easy for you.

anti fog patch

3) Hello, can you hear me? – Sena Bluetooth Headset:

You go on a long drive in a car and you’ll have your fellow companions for company. Same is the case for bikers; you do have other bikers for company, but with the helmet on and the noise of the bike and the wind makes it really hard to communicate with each other. Most bikers settle for hand signals to communicate the message. Others opt for the Sena Bluetooth headset. These Bluetooth headsets attach to your helmet and you’re ready to go. You can communicate seamlessly with fellow Sena users and also receive calls on the go. It has dual Bluetooth processors which makes multitasking easy. This multitasking can be in the form of listening to music, getting navigation details and even receiving calls! Its mesh network enables it to connect to many different users which makes communication a lot easier than shouting inside the helmet!


4) Jacket and pants:

With great speed must come great safety. Your average clothes won’t stand a chance against the tarmac once it comes in contact during a crash. Hence, it’s better to invest in a high-quality jacket before you head out on a ride. Jackets from Alpinestars are specifically designed to keep the ventilation high and safety, even higher. These padded jackets are reinforced with armour around the elbows, back and shoulders. So, in an event of a crash, this armour can save your skin! Also, these jackets are also waterproof, so riding in the rains are fun without getting wet. Couple it with a pair of riding pants and you’re ready to ride!  These riding pants serve a similar purpose as the jacket – with pads and tough textile materials – and waterproof means no more wet pants after a ride!

riding pant

Now you have all the essentials to make your every ride a memorable one. That’s your cue to ride hard, ride smart!

P.S. Don’t forget your helmet!

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